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I'm an English and Sociology Major in NYC who plans to go to into law. If you are looking for a source to fault my gallows humor, read the Series of Unfortunate Events or watch any Tim Burton movie. Or go to the London Dungeon. Or criticize out my parents for making such things available to me at an impressionable age. Seriously, I'll give you their addresses. I promise to add something more interesting later.

Oregon Trail

The posts on this blog have thus far been about weird and funny education videos from the 30’s to the 70’s. This makes sense as I stated that this blog would be about funny vintage educational films. However, I thought … Continue reading

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Social-Sex Attitudes in Adolescence

Welcome to 1953’s “Social-Sex Attitudes in Adolescence.” I didn’t quite know what I was going to make of this video. The 1953 date had me expecting some politically incorrect hilarity, while the use of the word “social” made me expect … Continue reading

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Dating Do’s and Don’ts

The 1949 instructional video “Dating Do’s And Don’ts” is the oldest we’ve seen on this blog thus far. And gee willickers it’s pretty swell! I thought it’d be a nice change from child murders, atomic warfare, and dead kids. As … Continue reading

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Girls Beware

And here is “Girls Beware,” the companion piece to Sid Davis’ “Boys Beware” (the subject of my previous blog post). Also made in 1961, this video tells girls about the dangers of predatory males. Unsurprisingly, the message given to girls … Continue reading

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Boys Beware

And we’re back to Sid Davis Productions, the company that brought you the first video that I blogged about: “Live and Learn.” It’s 1961 and our old pal Sid decided to make a film on one of the great dangers … Continue reading

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Protect and Survive – Casualties

Two posts in one weekend? Am I in an especially generous mood? Or am I making up for the lack of posts I made while in London for Spring Break? We can pretend it’s the latter. Speaking of London, (as … Continue reading

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Protect and Survive – Action After Warnings

While many of the propaganda-esque educational videos that I have reviewed on this blog are relatively obscure today, WWII era propaganda actually become popular in the UK after this poster was rediscovered in 2000: Its Orwellian message never caught on, … Continue reading

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